Monday, 25 June 2012

Stampin’Up! Incentive Trip Vienna 2012-Day 4

I woke up on day four and I was feeling a bit rough. My hands and feet and my whole face were swollen and something was not quite right.
But no time to mop around after a quick breakfast it was swap time. I was so excited, the quality of swaps on these trips is just amazing and by now I was starting to miss my craft supplies (You can take the girl out of the craft room but you cannot take the craft room out of the girl Smile)
We all formed a circle around the room and one by one we worked around it and swapped our goodies. The swaps deserve their very own post so I will do that in tomorrow's post.
Here I am on the day with the lovely Shelli, I do look very tired in this photo.
and here’s the frantic swapping taking place
vanou swap-2swapping
Everyone is looking in their element and all eyes are down on the projects, it was nice as you had time to closely inspect each project before the next one came round.
Shelli  and Jenni checking out  Victoria’s beautiful swap.
And while I was busy Pete took his camera out and explored a bit more of this beautiful city.
petes_   petes  3             
 petes  6    petes  1
petes  5 petes  4
After the swaps I nipped back to my room and put on something cooler on as this day was the hottest so far and we were going to spend it on the River.
We met with my sweet French demo friends and their husbands and we started walking to find a place for a spot of lunch before our River Cruise.
And we found it right on the edge of the water
Loved the menus and I took a photo as inspiration for a future project Smile
And here we all are seated with a cool drink in front of us.
We spent the next half an hour taking photos Smile
From left my sweet Vanou and my equally sweet Moira , I love these girls with all my heart, they are friends for life. Next lovely Dorothy, she is part of the same team and first time trip achiever such a lovely lady I loved getting to know her a bit better. Moving on we have Pierre Dorothy’s husband (they know one another since they were 6 years old) and they have 3 little boys. Next is Moira’s husband Neil, lovely guy with a fab sense of humour and a Scottish accent Smilehe should have worn a kilt on the Gala night.
My favourite guy in the whole world next Red heart , then Vanou’s chérie Alain, whom I love to call chérie  as well LOL!!
I LOVE this photo of the girls amongst the fresh lavender pot.
friends 1
And I sneaked in for a photo as well
And that was the end of the photos we had such a good time chatting, eating (the food was really good and the dessert even better) and enjoying the relaxing day.
And once on the boat everything felt a few degrees cooler and very misleading, I ended up with burned shins and currently they are peeling  LOL. Look how stunning Moira looks here, she bought a lovely hat as she burns her parting easily.
Chatting and chilling in the sun what more could you wish for?
And all our chérie’s
I was enjoying the easy day but I definitely needed a chemist.
Once off the boat beautiful buildings were revealing themselves once again
and famous ones as well *wink*
hosp 9
The whole city was a massive party that day. The Tolerance Parade (Gay Pride) took place on the streets of Vienna and everything went past our hotel,  I  could see everything from my room window.
street parade
street parade 1
street parade 2
SNOW!! on a day where temperatures were 35 degrees Celsius Smile
Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to look as we were already running late for dinner.
We had sushi at the Unkai restaurant in the Hotel
it was delicious and those big fish eggs really yummy.
Straight after dinner we met for goodbye’s and goodies and OMG !! the goodies were to die for
IMG_0812  IMG_0814
ok so confession time here, I will have to totally disappoint you here by admitting that the only one I didn’t have was the tiny creme caramel one, I simply could not eat another thing but I did have one of everything else Smile. And can you see the hot tureens at the back in right photo?
They contained the most delicious crepes filled with a sweet quark cheese served with hot crème Anglaise over the top, ermm stuffed I was.
And the goodbye’s lasted long into the evening no one wanted to leave just yet.
The lovely Valerie and her sweet downline Emillie. Next picture Jeannette and her mum, what an amazing experience they have shared together!! I though of my mum seeing them having so much fun.
daniela tracey
Lovely Daniella and Michaela.  Two fab UK girlies next , Victoria and her downline Tracy, hope to see you on the next trip girls!!
jen n dave
Jen and Dave Baugh such a lovely, lovely couple !!!
And the German group
alwin and doris
Alwin, Doris and us
Alex, Ute, moi, Jenni Pauli and her husband behind then Steffi who had the best nails with her lovely partner Frank.
And my plan was to take some more photos with my UK fellow demos while having a drink at the bar unfortunately it never happened, I couldn’t stop out much longer my bed was calling.
Once in our room there were fabulous gifts awaiting me yet again. Sadly I cannnot share them with you right now Sad smileapart from two bags of Salt Water Taffy all the way from UTAH. I was happy and is all Pam’s Morgan fault, she introduced to me last year.
We had a few more hours next day before heading back to the UK. see you soon xx

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  1. Hi monica
    Wowee you certainly had a fabulous time...,, thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures....... FABULOUS.....,
    Hugs Sylvie xxxx

  2. fabulous photos my lovely. You didn't look at all tired or poorly I can promise you that!

    Just nicked one of your photos for my blog today (again!)


  3. Hi Monica !

    It was so sweet to meet you in Vienna. You are such an amazing girl, nice, adorable & funny ! :D I'm looking forward to see you in Mainz and... maybe in Utah ? ;)



  4. It is such a pleasure to read this post... I wish I could turn back time and be there again. It was so great.
    I have to tell you that now, I call my "chérrrrri" with a british accent... and the children laugh !

    I can't wait to see you on friday my lovely friend ! :)
    Big kiss from chéri and the kids as well...

  5. Monica - what great pictures of your trip! I would love to see photos of some of the swaps you received! Beautiful pics!

  6. Monica, You looked absolutely stunning in your turquoise dress from Day 3 posts!! Looks like a wonderfully pampered good time. I so enjoy following your blog and seeing your beautiful creations, they do inspire me! Your fellow US Demonstrator Lea Sorley

  7. It was a wonderful trip wasn't it, just a pity I didn't get to see much due to my "lost" day. You have some stunning pictures of the city mate, wish I could have taken some myself... never mind maybe another time.
    Hugs xxx

  8. What an amazing time you've had. Wow! Lovely pics, thanks for sharing. x


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