Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Special Blanket

Hello there I hope you are enjoying the weekend, I ran out of time yesterday to blog so here I am with my extra special gift. Look at this yummy crochet blanket !!!
crochet hexagon blanket
By now you should all know of my sweet friend Carol, she helps me such a lot with my day to day making for my business. She helps with my swaps, with my prep for events and classes she is just incredible and I really couldn’t do it without her help sometimes. We often spend time together and I truly enjoy her company as well as appreciate her help.
Earlier this year I started attending a local stitching group that Carol runs with a few other members, we meet once a week and I usually take my sewing projects along or some sort of crafting even if is not stitch related. A few months back Carol brought to the group a beautiful crochet bedspread she expertly made for one of her daughters who lives in France.
It was gorgeous and I couldn’t stop stroking it drooling and wishing I was the lucky owner of such beauty. Well  imagine my delight when Carol asked if I would like her to make me one as well. I squealed and that afternoon I went in search of yarn :)
crochet blanket  1
And Oh my Goodness if you do not want another hobby do not enter a yarn shop!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes at the beautiful myriad of colours and different textures. And what was initially our plan quickly changed into what you see above.
First the yarn, I settled for a soft and lustrous Baby Bamboo Cotton a blend of cotton and wool both soft and warm. And it was Carol who gave it the thumbs up, she said it was a beautiful yarn to crochet with.
Then I started a bit of researching Pinterest is great for that and I quickly found THIS tutorial and I fell in love. All that lovely colour proved to much for me to resist and I quickly  forwarded the tutorial onto Carol. And waited with baited breath, I could never attempt anything like this myself and I had a feeling I was asking to much of my friend. But she came back and she said yes!!! 
Next I chose the colours and the soft gray background and left Carol to do her magic, and boy did she work her magic.
I was beyond excited and for the next weeks my excitement grew more and more as Carol kept showing me lovely finished crocheted hexagons.
blanket detail 1
She is amazing!!!  the tension in this blanket is incredible every single hexagon was perfectly sized and fitted like a glove.
blanket detail
I feel so special owning this beauty and I am humbled that Carol did this for me,  the amount of work and hours gone into this blanket is insane.  not only is it beautiful its also very warm and I know this as I tried it out every single evening this last week, I love to snuggle under a warm blanket while reading or watching a bit of TV. My hubby jokes as we always keep a blanket or a wrap on the arm of our sofa and he calls it my comfort blanket, well this IS my comfort blanket now and I absolutely LOVE it!!
crochet hexagon blanket 2
I hope you enjoyed looking at my special blanket, a gift I will treasure forever. THANK YOU my dear, dear friend :)
Till next time big hugs xxx
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  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! Now I want one! :)

  2. Hi Monica
    Wow- beautiful!!
    very very nice blanket
    So Schön ;-))

    lg Michaela

  3. what a beautiful afghan this is. I crochet as well as make cards and I can see how much work she's done and looks like her work is flawless... truly a stunning gift..... I'm in the middle of making 3 pink granny square afghans for granddaughters.... thanks for sharing......

  4. This is beautiful. Although I crochet also, this is something I would never attempt! You are a lucky friend!

  5. Oh wow Monica,

    You are so, so spoilt!! I had put down my hooks but now I have to get them out again and start a different project (the babette will have to wait!) I have to have a hezagonal square blankie - OMW it is GORGEOUS!!!!

  6. Wow what a beautiful blanket Monica I am quite envious. What a very special friend to make such a beautiful gift for you.

  7. Started my blanket last night, 1st square done, 38 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial Monica. xxx


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