Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Retreat Pijama Party

After our last class we had a bit of a break then we got ready in our glad rags for a candle lit delicious gourmet three course dinner and a glass of wine or two. We had a birthday in the house that day so we all ended up singing Happy Birthday to the lovely Judith after which it was back in the Haddon Suite for eben more crafting. And what could be better then crafting with your friends? Crafting with your friends in your pj’s and that’s exactly what we did :).


Ooohh look !!who’s that at the sweets table?(top left in the photo) could it be Louise and Jo-Jo? Hahahaha

The candy bar was set up, the music was going and a full table with £100's worth of product all up for grabs appeared :)

Of course you will have to imagine all of this as I haven’t got any more photos :(

And here’s a bonus class I prepared for all the lovely ladies

Stampin'Up! Natures Walk Memo Board

A memo board perfect to clip appointments or shopping lists to. The top die cut shape is attached to a wooden peg so you can safely tuck things into.

I LOVE Nature’s Walk stamp set it suits me and my messy relaxed style of crafting and this project reflected that but I saw clean examples of this and they looked just as good. We used the thick chipboard Stampin’Up! sells and the pop n cuts base to create the back board. Here’s a close up of the front decorations.

memo close

And here you can see it in use

memo in use

Someone kindly left me this sweet card behind expressing their gratitude and thanks, I found it at the end as I was packing everything. However that sweet person could do with going  back to school and learn to write properly as I cannot decipher her name :)  I want to say THANK YOU to you and all the others who have showered me with lovely gifts, beautiful cards and warm hugs this weekend, THANK YOU you are amazing and I

We finished off with a quick and challenging challenge.

OH MY GOD I have never laughed so much in my life, it was nearly midnight by this point so our heads were tired and our brains overworked but everyone took the challenge up and everyone done amazingly well, err maybe not Donna *wink* .

I went to bed at 1 am tired but so happy it has been an amazing day so far, I was sad to think we only had one more day left, Saturday went by so quickly.

and as the ladies got to their rooms this is what was waiting for them on their pillows :)

Stampin'Up! Amazing Family pillow gifts packagining

All I can say here is that Carol is a SUPERSTAR!!! and lovely Netty helped to finsih these off before we started on the table decs. I am so lucky to have these sweet friends who drop everything  to help me THANK YOU both.

And inside?

Stampin'Up! Amazing Family pillow gifts_

A lovely stamped clay heart that my cute downline Emily organized for me from a clever potter in Mablethorpe who makes these beauties and fires them and leaves them nekkid for crafty people to do pretty things to them. I am in love with these they take the stamps so well and you can even colour them.

Thank you so much for visiting me, I am hoping to be able to schedule some posts before I leave today if not I will see you again on Saturday. Till then big hugs xx

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  1. That challenge was high-octane crafting like I've never experienced before! And I believe your card is from Judie, as she told me she'd come prepared and saw this very card in her craft room a week or so ago.

  2. What a generous host you are Monica. Such lovely gifts and what stars your friends are for helping you xx Stunning projects xx

  3. Orrrrrr Monica I spotted me and Joanne and was chuckling to myself thinking 'typical' then went on to read u had spotted us too lol xxxxxxxx


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