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Last days of convention and the start of the Incentive Trip

Hello there, TGIF :)

I will continue with the second full day of Convention. This was the day where we got  to choose 3 different business classes to attend.

And between sessions we met more famous faces :). We had a lovely chat with the super cute Kimberly Van Diepen, pictured here with Teri

DSC_0103 And then as luck had it, no other than the fabulous Angie Juda Kennedy ended up being seated behind us for the closing session.

angie j k

After a fabulous closing session with the most amazing PRIZE PATROL ever ( 25 lucky participants got every single item from the Seasonal Catalogue) it was time to say goodbye to the Convention Centre.

However from there on the most amazing little unplanned adventure kicked in. Teri, my guest for Convention arrived a day later than planned due to an aircraft fault and consequently missed the organized Home Office tour.

Paula our wonderful country manager arranged for Teri to have a private tour of the facilities. This was very touching as Amy Grant a home office employee (Amy is the PA of several of the Corporate team members including Shelli). Amy did this when she should have been home with her sweet husband after a gruelling work schedule, we were really touched by her kindness. Here we are on route to Riverton and the scenery was just breathtaking, what an inspiring landscape imagine that being your road to work every day.

 DSC_0161  And after what felt like 15 minutes (3 girls in one car the conversation never dried up :) ) we came across this..


Actually looking at this picture, I think this was taken on our way back .

It was sooo wonderful to finally be in there, after all these years hearing and seeing pictures of the place. Its a stunning building and what’s even more impressive is that the huge warehouse is at the back of the building yet you would never know that, cleverly concealed.

And our private tour started however I will share all these pictures in a future post as I got to enjoy this tour again as part of my Incentive Trip. Here’s a picture of the large warehouse


and then as we were wondering round in awe of the place Amy said

Let’s pick some orders !! Me and Teri both looked at her incredulous as we didnt think that would be allowed or possible.

So we did :) The item I got to pick was a Stampin Scrub

pick line

The picking system is  finely tuned, I think I would like this job a lot.

We toured the offices and all the other interesting rooms and Amy was the perfect guide, she did mention that her job was to train the other tour guides and that she hoped she would do a great job, Amy you did!! THANK YOU :)

And before we left there was just one MUST do on our lists. The rock picture :)

su rock

The light was perfect and check that background. I felt very grateful towards Amy and so glad I got to experience this with Teri.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant with the UK group that night then it was time for bed.

On Sunday morning we arranged to go and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Goodness me, it was such an uplifting experience. It was beautiful and emotional.

mormon tabernacle choir

The building was impressive  it can hold 21.000 souls.


After the performance we went for a walk around the gardens and surroundings of the Temple, I have to admit I have never seen a city as clean as Salt Lake City, it was spotless.



city creek

After a yummy lunch we found our way to the airport for Teri’s flight home and my hour wait to see my husband who was arriving that day to join me for the Incentive Trip.

 IMG_0452 IMG_0453

I was so glad to see him, somehow it felt very different being there without him the first few days (subconsciously I knew that if anything went wrong I was a long way away).

A 45 minute trip saw us arriving at the famous Deer Valley Sky Resort. The place we stayed at was the luxurious St. Regis Deer Valley.

Well let me tell you, I have never stayed in a more comfortable hotel and I was lucky enough to experience quite a few with Stampin’Up!

Our room had two huge Queen beds, and the furnishings were to die for. Very high end and right on trend, gorgeous textured wallpapers, yummy accent pillows, chunky cable knit throws,  and don’t even get me started on those lamps !!!! Very swish..


We even had a fireplace, not needed for this trip of course but I can just imagine this in the winter after a day on the slopes .


Le TV console, complete with Iphone docking stations.


a little welcome basket with bread butter, trail mix ( a mix of nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, m&m’s ) and cookies, giant ones *wink*


Bathroom next, you could see it through those shutters


No your eyes are not deceiving you, there really was a television in the mirror.


To the right the most fabulous waterfall shower, yeah and there’s that telly again.


The views from our Juliette balcony were spectacular.

view left

view right

We went down to the hospitality desk next, collected our badges then I hit that swimming pool. I will spare your eyes no picture on this section :) .

After a bit of chilling we went back to our rooms and got ready for the welcome dinner. The setting was soo pretty.

welcome dinner tables

The glass jars, filled with sliced lemons and limes had the most sweetly scented roses in them, each table a different colour, just beautiful.


Instead of table cloths the tables were draped with a beautiful cotton lace. A sweet touch were the decorated favour boxes with a section of the same lace. The lovely box contained the best chocolate caramels, topped with sea salt and made in Utah of course. They were really, really good sadly Pete wouldn’t know about that as I eat his as well.


Shelli welcomed us all, saying she hoped that we would fell in love with beautiful Utah but under no circumstances we were to move out there :). She also introduced the corporate team members, and her sweet family who joined us for dinner.


After this we enjoyed a delicious dinner in delightful company.

As the night fell the place was completely transformed, I felt like we were on the Mama Mia set ( the wedding scene?)

welcome dinner night 

And we were suddenly joined by yet another famous guest :)


I was shattered by this point, but not shattered enough to pass up a night cup around the fire pit.

fire pit

Back to our rooms we were greeted by the 1st pillow gift, and for the first time our guests had one as well.

I got this fabby hoodie and Pete, got the male version without the flourish and the hood. Thanks to Steffi Nitzpon for this picture,  my hoodie is in transit :)


Right I’ve served you yet another mammoth post today, thank you for popping in and please join me tomorrow for the next bit of this fabulous adventure. Till then big hugs xx


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  1. Hi Monica, Just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your blog coverage of the Stampin' Up! convention. It has been fascinating to read and see your beautiful photos. It looks amazing. Emma x

  2. Monica, I am so delighted you had a great time in Utah at convention. I was there too. I was disappointed not to be able to meet you. It was a whirlwind. One day we shall meet my English friend. The Incentive trip looked wonderful too....
    Laurie Krauss

  3. I am delighted that you enjoyed SLC and convention, but disappointed I was unable to finally meet you. We were just never in the same area and so many people. Your incentive trip looked yummy. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the states. Until we meet my English Friend.
    Laurie Krauss


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