Thursday, 1 August 2013

More Convention tales..

Hello there, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. I have to admit to having had a tough time recovering from the unfriendly jet lag. I had a power nap even today before writing this post. I am hoping that by the weekend I will be back to normal. 

This was the view of the Convention centre from our hotel room, situated on the 16 th floor. It was early morning about 7.30 am I reckon.

conv centre

The walk to the action packed days was literally out the hotel doors across the street and into the Convention Centre.

convention walk It was so fun to see the whole of Salt Lake City carrying the fun backpacks :)

Before the sessions started there was fab music and fun messages on the big screens


And a few fun answers


There was sooo much to see and do during Convention. Fabulous presentations, world records being set. Stampin Up went into the Guinness Book of Records for most cards sent from one location.

Then there was LOTS OF SAMPLES !!


IMG_0354 IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0346 IMG_0352 IMG_0353

One of the things I wanted to do while I was there was get to meet those bloggers and SU demos that most helped me and my business when I started on this journey. I used to stalk their blogs for inspiration frequently (I still do) so it was an opportunity to say thank you. Needles to say I was so happy when Becky Roberts agreed to organize and host an informal meet for us with some of the bloggers each of the achievers had on our lists. This was a fabulous event and we all mingled and chatted and took lots of photos and bonus, we got to xchange gifts. Here’s a few of the famous faces :)

First up my downline, Teri with the adorable and definitely stinkin cute Tami White


I didn’t crop any of these photos so that you can catch a glimpse of the fabulous faces in the background, there was soo much talent in that group put together.

Lynne Fahey meeting  THE Mary Fish :) .


Lyssa Zwolanek from Song of my Heart and the star stuck me


Me again with the fabulous Frances Martin, love this fun lady it was great getting to know her a bit better.

frances martin Look !!! It’s me with the fabulous Jackie Topa next, someone pinch me !!! she gave me a super fab project, thank you Jackie :)

jackie topa

And it is with Massive Thanks to this amazing lady, Becky Roberts (middle of the photo) that this meet was possible, here she is looking fabulous along side Jenny Moors and Maria Mitchell, Jenni’s friend/downline and guest on this trip.


Dawn Olchefske was next, she was so overwhelmed by it all. I guess we were kind of full on LOL

dawn olchefske

Then as things calmed out a bit some of the girls were happy to show their super fun personalities. This was such a hard photo to get as these ladies were little tinks moving about and giggling like excited kids, it was definitely such a fun experience .

girls just wanna have fun The next day we had more fabulous presentations with amazing projects and products being shared, LOTS of PRIZE PATROLS in fact every single person got one :) I was delighted to win my first ever PRIZE PATROL  a very exciting new product not yet available.

Here’s some exciting sneak peeks coming soon, if you are one of my class attending customers THIS project showcased by Shelli on stage will be coming to a class near you. I love it :)




The in the evening we went back for the Awards night. It was awe inspiring to see the top demonstrators being recognized for their achievements and hard work. After the awards the party started !!!

There was yummy cakes and refreshments

cupcakes 25 cupcakes

Fabulous acrobatics from the ceiling

DSC_0080   DSC_0082 

A live 80’s band called the Spazmatics, cool photo booths


booth   Jenni and Kerstin having fun with the photo props aka the boys. When the photographer asked Jenni how many boys they would like in their picture, Jenni’s answer was all of them of course LOL

She is such a hoot, I bet this picture of them looked gorgeous, this was one of those booths where you take a picture then it gets shrunk down and imposed onto a fun background.

Here’s my shot taken with two Aussie demos Lorinda and Simone :)


There were fun games with the chance of winning even more prizes

DSC_0100  DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0095  DSC_0099

And I caught up with even more sweet friends.

The beautiful Ronda Wade, I owe her so much. She had a huge impact on my business and I loved saying thank you in person for all the help she gave me :)

ronda wade (2)  Then my sweet friend Heather Summers,

I had the pleasure of working with Heather on a few projects in the past so it was super great to meet her in person. Oh and I helped Heather with her fabulous Founder’s Circle bag ( an award reserved for the top 100 demonstrators in the company) for this photo and found it very hard to give it back :(

heather summers

I was well and truly wated by the time I went back to the room but still managed a night cup with my new found Australian friend Tracy Penn and her fabulous gang. Here we both are, Tracy looking every bit gorgeous and me looking ever so tired, this was after the bubbly you understand.


Thank you for visiting me today I know this was a mega long post but I wanted to record as much detail as I could and I still left out loads. Join me tomorrow for the last day of convention and the start of my fabulous Incentive trip. Till then big hugs xxx



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  1. Oh wow! What an experience. Thanks for sharing some of your highlights.

  2. Hi Monica, SO glad you got to meet my lovely SU sisters Tracy, Lorinda & Simone from Australia. Looks like you all had a wonderful time :)

  3. Looks fabulous! Glad you enjoyed it. Xxx

  4. It was fabulous to meet you...finally! Glad you enjoyed the get together - love your pictures of your whole trip!


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