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The Last Days of my Utah adventure

Hello there, it never rains but it pours. are you familiar with that saying? On Thursday I spent 3.5 hours updating this blog with the last of our fabulous trip. It was all done and waiting for a final read before publishing. Something needed my attention and I left my device open. Then my good and ever helpful hubby decided it needed shutting down thinking I have finished.

As you probably guessed it I lost everything, yes he did click yes to save once prompted but it didn’t work ( it was a huge post it would have taken a while to save). To say I could have filled for divorce that minute is an understatement.

So you are getting a slimmed down version.

Our adventure continued with a visit to Kanab our manufacturing plant. We were allowed to see just how our products are made, and they are made with love for sure. 

Stampin’Up! chartered a plane for us all and we made the news, our plane was the first of that size to ever land at St. George’s airport :)

Once there the staff were all lined up outside waiting or our arrival :)

 arriving hi5

We arrived there at lunch and an American BBQ was served straight away :)



Next we toured the manufacturing plant, I LOVED THIS so much. Seeing everything was fascinating and I have a much better understanding and appreciation for our products and the wonderful staff that work there.

Wanna know how to make stamps?

You cut rubber to size, place rubber over the matrix board, feed through a hot machine that presses the rubber into the molds. Take newly formed stamps out let them cool slightly , trim the excess then get your husband to die cut them :) Can I just say that this is the closest my husband got to our stamps since me becoming a demonstrator :) small steps ..

rubber rollmolds

 stampsdie cut

Oh and blow me down, our ink pads actually get inked in a huge industrial food mixer, can you believe that?


Island Indigo was the colour that day :), each one carefully assembled by hand.

IMG_0507 IMG_0506   


the card stock comes in huge sheets, it then gets cut to size and next a machine counts it into packs.

  IMG_0515 IMG_0516   

Cute signs :)


We then had a look at Shelli’s private apartment.

 IMG_0519 IMG_0520  IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0525

And we had time to visit the most amazing children’s park. This is a park built by Stampin’Up! for the community and dedicated to Sterling’s father :) all the rubber off cuts get chopped up small and used as soft landing around the attractions for the kids, simply amazing. Imagine over 100 adults rushing to this park :) I can safely say that no kids were harm in the process .

IMG_0526  IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531  rubber park

Monkeying around with my French friends, Vanou and Alice :) Vanou is a professional photographer say no more

rubber park 2  rubber park 1

Shortly after it was time to head back it has been such an amazing day we seen and learned so much about this wonderful company.

We got back to the hotel only to find out that our key would not work anymore. After two hours of trying thye have decided that the door must come off and the whole lock system replaced so we got moved to a sumptuous suite by an English butler who used to work for the Queen !! What are the chances?

The next day and out final day before flying out was a day at leisure with a final night dinner at a surprise location.

Pete went shooting with some of the boys and I went shopping with my friends Vanou and Alice. Yes more shopping but it was good really good :)

And soon we were whisked away for our goodbye dinner.  We got to sample a proper American Ranch with everything you would expect. It was the best thing ever and I loved every minute :) This is what greeted us as we arrived

ranchranch 1


Beautiful decorations and flowers


Gorgeous cheeses with fruit and cold refreshments

cheesedawn, fioan and jenny

  fab friends

pete with craigmoira

For dinner there was this long table in the main hall with more tables set up in the stables :)

 long tablegorgeous people

we dined in one of the stables :) it was a really lovely set up.

dinner companions

Beautiful flowers in mercury glass jars adorned the table, while a fabulous buffet dinner made from produce sourced locally was on offer. The best of what Utah had to offer and every mouthful was delicious.

table flowers menu

There were a few tables outside as well , a few of the lovely aussies :)

lovely aussies

And some fabulous kiwis :)

fabulous kiwies

La francaise :)

la francaise

For  dessert you had a choice of making your own s’mores or sampling some yummy doughnuts. I want to call them flying doughnuts but I am not sure I remember it correctly, what I do remember is that they tasted delicious (Yes I had them both )

another fab s’more station

smore station Concentrating hard and  making sure I get it right this time

smore making

And just look at this for a stunner? I was really proud of it. I have to admit though that while it was nice, it was too sweet for me :)

smore for sure

       and here’s a picture of my other yummy treat, this was divine :)

flying doughnuts The scenery was just breathtaking,

fab scenery   fire          And no American knees up would be complete without some country line dancing. This was amazing a live bad played some really catchy tune while professionals taught us some moves :)

 line dancing line dancing 1And here’s the last picture on my camera :) the next day we were flying back home :)   

last photo

It was an incredible adventure and I will cherish the memories forever. I am grateful to everyone supporting me and my business, from my loyal customers to my amazing and hard working team and not least  Stampin’Up! for being the amazing company they are. I cannot imagine my life without Stampin’Up! in it.

If you wish to become a demonstrator or purchase anything please contact me.

THANK YOU for bearing with me. I have CRAFTING to share tomorrow :)

Big hugs xx


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  1. wow how utterly amazing! I love seeing the children's playpark and the use of the rubber off cuts - What an amazing company SU is x

  2. Fabulous, looks like you had an amazing time! I love the waste rubber going to the playground! x

  3. Hi Monica
    Thanks for sharing your pickies it looks as if you had an amazing time....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  4. Hi Monica
    Thanks for sharing your pickies it looks as if you had an amazing time....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  5. What a gorgeous girl you are ..cant wait to meet you again on the next incentive trip! xxxx Delys


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