Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Utah adventures continued..

Hello there, let me tell you what happened next.

Day two in the mountains, was a day at leisure and we decided to join some of the other achievers and their spouses/guests and go white water rafting. It was so much fun, my poor hubby kept asking *Are you sure you want to go? you will get wet you know* LOL.

Here’s some of the fab pictures taken by the tour guides, we did not carry any equipment on the rafts.

First the group photo, this one took two shots :)

white water rafting

And we’re off

white water rafting 1

It was a lovely and cool way to spend a few hours outside enjoying the fab scenery.

 white water rafting landsc

And River Weber was quite gentle with not that many rapids ( I think it’s a class II or maybe III river, can’t remember now), although we still had our fair share of soaked.white water rafting going in

Pete told me afterwards he knew I was comfortable and enjoying it when he saw me instinctively lifting my arms up in the air just as we hit the rapid. FUN

white water rafting fun

And yes we got just as soaked at the back as those at the front.

white water rafting worst bit  

Such pretty scenery everywhere you looked.

white water rafting stunning

white water rafting landscape

After a yummy picnic we went back to the hotel to sort out my very soggy bottom. We soon  got changed then we hit the shops with a vengeance for a few hours. Pound is quite strong against the dollar at the minute so the bargains were shouting your name in every shop.

All that fresh air meant we were soon hungry again and we stopped for dinner and a few refreshing drinks.


here we are with Julie my downline and Ellie who was Julie's guests for the trip :)

That night we had our swap exchange and sweet treats.  Outside, the hotel staff laid out s’mores stations  around the fire pits. I was soo excited as this was my first chance to make and check out a s’more.

Sadly my first attempt didn’t work, I kept burning my marshmallows. However unbeknown to me at the time I was going to master the art of s’more making later in the trip.


Jo D carefully roasting hers, with Michelle and Julie waiting patiently in the background.

smores jo d

We went back to the rooms that night to find out our next pillow gift. I pinched the next photos from Dawn Silver’s facebook account.

Every gift came wrapped in these fun hessian sacks, Loved them

 pillow gift bag

and inside was all this YUMMY

pillow gift no 2

FAB u lous !!!

Day three and this was the day we were heading for the Home Office Tour.  And we, ok I was just a touch excited as I boarded the bus :)

My iubi had such a good time on this trip as well.  I really love being able to give something back to him for all the support and help he is giving me and these trips are just the ticket. Love you babe :)


The bus was soon filled with excited souls


Fiona and Dawn at the front , Jenny middle and you can see Jo D and Julie at the back.

As we entered the building ALL of the employees were standing around the atrium clapping and cheering our entrance. It was quite emotional and of course I started blabbing straight away.

home office

We took our photos in front of the fountains. Here I am with a fab bunch of aussie girls :)

aussie girls

From left Simone, Julianna, Maureen, Tracy and moi. That flippin BIG bag is everywhere in my photos LOL

Next we had a tour of the Legacy Room  then a tour of the offices and the  warehouse. I LOVED the legacy room and the various display rooms. You will recognize some of the next shots, as they were featured in the catalogues.

DSC_0138DSC_0130DSC_0136   DSC_0137    DSC_0131 DSC_0132 DSC_0139DSC_0133          DSC_0134  fave room

Spotted my favorite card sample ever :) and of course I had to take a picture with my fave room set, the Christmas display –JUST FABULOUS !!

The offices were next

The employees prepared for our visit and some even left fun messages :)


The company President Rich Jutkins left a warning  :)funny

Love this next one with all the cards and projects displayed :)


Then there was Shelli’s office which we’ve been told she very rarely uses. She prefers to be in with everyone else and not locked in a separate office

shelli's office

Then we learned how our products are developed and found out who has the BEST JOB on this Earth (the crafting Earth at least)

Stampin’Up! Concept Artist

Does this desks looks familiar to you?

concept artist

And there was more

heavenmore heaveninvite

What an invitation!!  Yes please :)

And then just before we headed for the warehouse tour I spotted a lovely someone whom I’ve been looking for ever since I got there :)

My sweet friend Max :)

Max is a Yorkshire lass living and working for the home office. This meet has been a long time coming and I was so glad that finally  got to give her a big hug.


We toured the warehouse next and this time it was full of staff busy packing and shipping orders :)

warehouse  picking line

It was quite the day so many exciting things to see and learn about. Here’s a group photo of the UK achievers taken just before we headed  off for lunch.

uk group

Great bunch of talented and hard working girls :)

Lunch was next in the atrium and everything was set up beautifully, with every detail though of :)

table decsyumcake

   There was a soft drink station there with a selection of fruit punches (no photos of that), salad, pizza and yum red velvet or vanilla cupcakes.

After lunch we had a fabulous training session where we got to sample some new yet to be released to the UK product and a super fab make n take session. (No photos I m afraid I was busy creating) I will post photos of the make n takes later on :)

Dinner that night happened at the famous Cheesecake factory where I had the best avocado rolls and a mahoosive piece of Oreo cheesecake. sadly I had to leave nearly all of it behind :(


Our third pillow gift that night was a fabulous handbag, I just  LOVE IT !!! sadly not got it with me its travelling back via post :) Here’s a picture from Steffi’s blog


Right y oh, I think that’s enough for today it took me ages to sort through all million photos and bring you this post. More to follow tomorrow :)

Till then thank you for your visit and thank you for your patience looks like I am up and running again.

Much love xx



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  1. you never mentioned the handbag monica it is gorgeous

  2. Wow!!! Wonderful!! Can you see thé stars twinkling in my eyes?! LOL

  3. Wow wow and wow what a fantastic time you had loved your commentary of your amazing trip .Big Hugs Barbs <3


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