Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stampin’Up! European Convention-Manchester UK

Was the BEST EVER !!!!
Hello my dear reader, I hope you are sat comfortable as I have a mammoth post for you today. I am trying to comprehensively relate a full weekend of activity in one post.
I set off with three of my team mates on Wednesday morning, everything and everyone piled in my car (every inch filled) seatbelts on, engine on and just as I took my foot off the brake I glanced toward my house only to see the front door wide open !!!!! We were so excited to go, no one noticed I haven't actually locked the house :)
Once checked in, we headed straight back into Manchester to have a smooch around the Christmas Markets, they were right outside our hotel and had everything you could think off. I managed to eat my way around quite a few countries while there :)
Then for me, was a quick change of clothes and straight back out for a Special Reception. This is an exclusive event based on performance. Stampin’Up! are masters at spoiling you and this event was no different. The room was beautiful and each of us received a beautiful gift, we listened to some great presentations and got a chance to think about the goals we each set for the following year.
As soon as the program finished I dashed out back to my hotel to welcome 52 members of our team for another special reception. This time an event I organized for them all,  my opportunity to thank them for all their support over the past year :)
I know, Convention barely started and I felt like I ran 2 marathons already.
The evening went so well and everyone had such a good time, sadly I was so busy I never took one picture!!! I do however have some pictures of the projects I prepared for them all.
step 2
step 6
I LOVE this cute stamp set and decided to make it part of my gift for all my direct team members so I designed the make n takes around it. The second project is a clever gift card holder and I found the tutorial HERE.
We finished off the night with a game of bingo, which I managed to rigg so that everyone won at the same time :) It was great fun and everyone’s faces were full of HAPPY. Definitely a great start to what was going to be an AMAZING event!!
I will show you the cute Bingo cards I made using MDS, this game will be perfect for a bit of fun entertainment at Christmas.
Bingo cards-001They didn’t take long at all  what took the longest was figuring out an simple way of making sure everyone won at the same time. And after 5 hours of fiddling the easy finally popped into my head .

Next day the fun started and Boy was it Exciting !!! Everywhere you looked there were happy faces, demonstrators swapping, hugging and chatting with one another. Below you can see the lovely Sonia demonstrating how one should swap in style and comfort :)

There were live demonstrations both on the stage and on the grounds from very talented demos, sneak peeks of new not yet released products and lots of fab tips like the one below


Doesn’t that make so much more sense? she used a chalk marker to draw boxes around and on the front of the die there were the measurements as well.

Made new friends and reconnected with old ones…Heart you Trevor :)

new and old friends trevor

Got caught up with my BFF (love you Moira,  missed you Vanou)


I was lifted and inspired by amazing speakers


Got beyond excited when all attendee giveaways and prize patrol were announced, YESS I was a prize patrol winner this year :)

Admire 800 people all dressed up for a night of awards followed by a fabulous party. Here’s a small portion of them, they are the ones that got the BEST DRESSED awards :) and I love them all.


Watched proudly my team members and my friends walking  the stage for amazing achievements and even shared an exciting walk with some of them :0)
(no, I am not naked in this pic is just an illusion, Vicky you’re fired!!!!)
5 year march
Partyed hard and goofed around a bit. How many peeps can you squeeze into one photo booth? (ok not many goofing around, we obviously care to much what we look like in pictures LOL)


Showed lots of demo love to our fabulous demo support staff

demo support

Realised the business never sleeps :) not even when you party !!

taking care of business

Applauded  the fabulous team of staff that made this event possible, they are amazing :)

su team
Choosing a highlight? Meeting baby Adam, a 4 week old tiny miracle :)
baby adam
It was AMAZING and YOU ARE AMAZING !!! all of YOU my customers, my team mates and friends, every single person that supported me and my business I THANK YOU for I had an AMAZING year :)
And if you wish to join us contact me, we’re going to Belgium next year and I know it will be even better!!!


And here's the official video 

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  1. nice that we saw each other again. Friday evening you looked great *hugs*

  2. Thanks for your lovely update - it certainly looks amazing from the photos.

  3. Looks like everyone had a fabby time!! :)


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