Friday, 29 November 2013

Stampin’Up! Undefined 2 Step Wreath

Hello there, its Friday again!!! Not long now and we will cross into December the last month of the year, how did that happen? This year has flown by so quickly.
While at convention last week Stampin’Up! have announced a new product release here in Europe. It is called Undefined and its a stamp carving kit.
That’s right, you can now carve your own stamps. Do you remember carving lino as a child?  I do, and I remember just how much fun it was.
We were given one Undefined kit on our visit to the Home Office in Riverton earlier this year and I have to say I was terrified of the prospect of coming up with a design myself, drawing it then carve it out.
Stampin'Up! Undefined-Carved 2 step Wreath_
I started working on one design then abandoned the idea and everything stayed in the box until this weekend. I was so inspired after Convention that on Sunday night I pulled out my box and gave it a go. This time I asked myself what would be my ideal stamp? one that Stampin’Up! doesn’t currently sell. And then it hit me, I love wreaths, love them and I also love 2 step stamp sets so how about?….
Stampin'Up! Undefined-Carved 2 step Wreath_-2
Make my own? And I did
Stampin'Up! Undefined-Carved 2 step Wreath close
I carved my own 2 step stamping set :)
Would it be a best seller if released? most probably not!! Do I love it? Oh yes, LOTS because I made it and no one out there has another one.  It took me 2 hours to decide, sketch and carve all 4 of my stamps. I made a bow as well :). The longest took deciding on my design then working out which bits I needed to carve out. The tools are very sharp and precise and glide through rubber smoothly. One thing, THEY DON’T LOOK PRETTY once carved :) but I can live with that
undefined Stampin'Up!
You get a kit then you can order a refill and you can even order separate foam to make your stamps clear mount. Here’s another card made with my masterpiece
Stampin'Up! Undefined Wreath carved by Monica Gale_
and closer
Stampin'Up! Undefined-Carved 2 step Wreath 2
I am definitely using this set for my cards this year :) I think I have said that  about 3 sets so far LOL, maybe I can have a variety. One thing for sure i need to get a move on :)
You can watch a quick video below, and pop one in your basket by clicking the product links below the video.
Thank you for the visit, have a fabulous weekend.
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