Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Back at it …

Hello and Happy New year to you all.

I started back at work yesterday after what was the most wonderful relaxing break.

I took the opportunity of as many pj’s days as I could, we entertained lots of friends and family and it was just the best. Sadly no Luca at our home this year as they decided to go back to Romania for Christmas :) we still saw them over Skype it wasn’t the same but it was better than nothing.

The decs all came down on Saturday, it took me half the time to take everything down it just shows how much fiddling about I do when they go up.
I certainly want to thank you for your wonderful comments about our decked home, I received lots of emails, blog and facebook comments with lots of questions about our decor. Surprisingly decorating for Christmas only takes me a full day(usually on a Sunday in my pj’s listening to festive music). Pete is in charge of feeding/watering me and making sure I don’t break my neck on the many boxes strewn about the place :)

And I told you all about the magic tree we bought this year. Well I have a further story for you about the tree. When we bought it, I noticed the company had a competition for the best dressed tree. If you won, you would get the cost of your tree back.

Well last week we got a phone call from the company owner to say that we were the lucky winners of the competition :) woohooo I am so chuffed no least because I won’t have to listen to Pete for the next umpteen years complaining about how we paid such a ridiculous amount of money for THE TREE :).

I have to say I was sad to see him go in the loft and he didn’t look so good anymore :(

tree mummy

I was also dreading the place being covered in lots of snow but after wrapping him carefully in old dust sheets not much mess was created.

Now for something creative I completely ran out of time last year to show you the Christmas ornaments I made for my team this year.

If you are an old and faithful reader of my blog you will know that every year I send out an ornament for each of my direct team member.

This year I made these gorgeous angels

Angel made with Stampin'Up! muslin bags and burlap

They were made entirely with Stampin'Up! products (minus the head)  and they turned out so cute. Muslin bags for bodies and arms and the hair was made from our wonderful burlap ribbon.

They don’t take long at all to make, however I had to make over 80 of them so it felt like forever :), but I like to think of the girls in years to come pulling out this Christmas dec and think Oh yeah I remember, Monica made it for me one year :)

The heads were made out of wooden balls  

Angel made with Stampin'Up! muslin bags_

And the word love cut out of yummy champagne glimmer paper was a wonderful effort by my sweet friend Carol, she helped me a lot by cutting these out for me :)

You can see last year HERE




2008 sadly no photo :(

I want to thank you for visiting me, normal service is resumed so I will see you again shortly.


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  1. Loved my ornament Monica and she's safely packed away for next year (along with previous two!)

  2. Ah lovely little angel Monica and sad to see the tree go too but congrats on the win! I too made SU angels this year - great minds eh ;) http://www.vintagecelebrations.co.uk/2013/12/merry-vintage-handmade-christmas-angel.html

  3. Congratulations on your win. So well deserved!

  4. Wow! Creative and fabulous use of SU products! TFS!

  5. Hi Monica
    Congrats on winning the comp.... Your tree was amazing ... You are a worthy winner.....
    Love the angel you made... Fabulous...
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  6. Hi Monica
    Congrats on winning the comp.... Your tree was amazing ... You are a worthy winner.....
    Love the angel you made... Fabulous...
    Hugs Sylvie xx


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