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Aboard the Allure of the Seas

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Let me share with you more of my adventure on this past Incentive Trip with Stampin’Up!

After a quick breakfast we made our way to the port to board the largest cruise liner in the world. Photo credit Valerie Perlin :)

10176144_711284148930883_2238716490193729272_n Once on the boat you really got to see its impressive size, I mean it looked huge for afar but once inside you was left speechless, huge !!!

mozcpark allure- central park

cinema  96133850   climbing wall ice cream parlour moving bar moving bar 1

You can see the moving bar in the above 2 pictures, went up and down between a few decks while you enjoyed a refreshment or two, just amazing!!!

The at sea days were spent sipping cocktails by the pool or catching up with worldwide friends :0) and my UK counterparts of course.

 get-attachment   get-attachment (1)

10294275_10203858101633899_7626807023470924424_n10360446_489693544491913_3282671540471908973_n  The evening shows were varied and very good, I found out that there was quite an army of Romanian staff and entertainers, like the two ripped guys below. And so I made a point of surprising as many of them as I could speaking their language over the week :). It tickled me and it made them smile..

show Our first stop was Labadee-Haiti, and I sure wasn’t the only one asking what could we possibly do stopping there after the devastation that beautiful county suffered. But it turned out that it was a little island leased by the Royal Caribbean so all activities food and drinks were added to our ship accounts, it was like a gated community. One thing for sure it was stunning and we spent a delightful day on that piece of paradise.

As we docked in the morning we were welcomed by a dazzling group of noise making ski-jetters and I was quite excited as that was our planned excursion for the day :). The island was peaceful and so pretty 

96170489 haiti

There were quite  a few activities to indulge in. Some braved the massive zip wire, some took boat leisurely trips- have  look at this amazing picture my sweet friend Valerie Perlain took on her excursion, isn’t that boat message inspiring? life is simple, is just that WE choose to make it complicated at times :)


Others choose to just swim and relax.


and that is what we did most of the day, swam and sunbathed until it was time  to jump on a few jet ski for an hour. Well I wish I could say it was amazing, Pete loved it although I could feel his body tensing quite a few times as we rode the waves trying to control the powerful machine. I can definitely tell you that was the worse experience of my life, hated every minute of it (I wasn’t alone may I add) and I will not repeat it in a hurry. I nearly kissed the ground when we got off I was so relieved. Plus my skin felt and looked like one of those dry and shrivelled up kippers. NOT GOOD !!!

And just before I leave you in peace for now I just wanted to show you the lovely pillow gifts. First night we had cute personalized towels, yes we had the luxury of an outside cabin with a HUGE and very comfy bed ( wonder if I am the only one on that trip thinking about ordering an egg crate mattress topper after this trip?).

10154159_10152036520292136_1560813537868101551_nAnd second night we  had cute personalized filter as you drink bottles.


  Spoilt its what we were  from the minute we got there till the minute we left. Stampin’Up! its an amazing company and I love working with them, LOVE IT !!! if you would like to become part of my team ask me how you can join us. you will love it I promise you !!

Thank you so much for visiting me  today :) till next time



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