Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Trip Of a Lifetime

Hello there my dear blog reader,

We are back from the most amazing two weeks, happy, jetlagged and carrying sweet memories in our hearts forever. This was the first Global Trip which meant there was 275 achieving demonstrators from all over the world attending the same trip. And each of these demos took at least one guest on the trip with some taking their whole families, all in all there were about 800 of us including SU staff.

It took place on the biggest cruise liner in the world Allures Of The Sea and it was BIG, all 17 floors of it. Hard to describe the vastness of it all and I think I only managed to see about a quarter of it in the week I was there. Incredible experience on a fabulous ship.

But of course before all that we enjoyed a lovely week in Denver/Colorado. Our hosts were just beautiful and generous and ensured we had everything we needed and more, catching up with my bestie was definitely a highlight, we just couldn’t believe that we were there together at last :)

Between shopping days (just like in the old days), eating fab food, visiting and even planting a bed of strawberries that one week flew by.

And our visit culminated with seeing Ellie Golding live in concert at the most amazing venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre .

109_Red_Rocks_Amphitheater1 Now I haven’t taken these pictures (you can see sources), I was to busy admiring and taking in the fabulous atmosphere.

And at night  it was even more magical :)

Allure 2014

It’s not to big with seating only around 9000 and some of the bioggest names played there over the last 100 years. The stars absolutely love the venue while the organizers totally hate it. the reason for this? everything needs to be brought up to the top on this one way track then by hand up many, many flights of stairs.


And at nearly 6.500ft elevation dragging yourself up them steps is no mean feat, I thought I was going to die before reaching the top.

We decided to take a picnic with us and get there a bit early to ensure we get row 3-4 so we were reasonably close. Upon arrival we discovered not many were already there so it then become mission *Secure Front Row*

Waiting on those steps!!!!ellie g

Claudia, Leigh her lovely hubby and me nearly dead from the ascent :).

And thanks to the boys we reached *Mission Completed* and ended up with the best seats in the house.

Slightly embarrassing though as I felt these should have been allocated to some die hard fans roughly 25 years our juniors :).  We had a great time nevertheless, Ellie  put on a great show and I was happily singing along to almost all her songs.

ellie g 3 ellie g 2

ellie g 1

Saturday soon came and we prepared ourselves for a flight to Miami joining hundreds of exciting demonstrators and their guests ahead of the Incentive Trip.

And we arrived in the Sunshine State on a massive storm and I mean massive HA!!!

SU always ensure you are put in fabulous accommodation while on these trips and the hotel we stayed in Miami was nothing short of spectacular. The next picture belongs to Katia, as I said it was pouring down the day we arrived so no pics :(


and if you opened our patio door you was greeted by this view :)


Not to shabby huh? We had a lovely evening hugging and chatting and too excited to sleep at the thought of what the next day would bring :)

I will share more tomorrow but for now I just need to bring you up to speed on SU happenings :)

We are launching Photopolymer stamps !!!! Now I know many of you will be excited about this announcement, and I can tell you that just like with every product out there our photopolymer stamps have an added ingredient that no other company uses to increase performance and life :)

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Thank you so much or stopping by, see you again tomorrow. xoxoxo


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  1. Loved having you and so so happy that you got to know my kids better! You two are just so much fun to hang out with and I love you both so much!

  2. Congratulations on earning the trip, Monica! Someday I hope to achieve that as well! Thank you so much for sharing about your cruise as well as your trip to Colorado. That amphitheater is truly amazing! I'm not sure I would have made it up all those steps! Again, "way to go" on all your accomplishments!


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