Friday, 29 August 2014

Is it Nearly Christmas?????????

Hellooooooooo :) and how are you?
It's been a long time again isn't it? I am sure if there was a worst blogger award given I might just be a strong candidate for it.
So where have I been?

To cut a looong story short earlier this Summer out of the blue we decided that we will move house, after spotting our dream home only a few streets away from where we are now !!!
We sold in record time to the first person that set foot inside and conducted 14 other viewings within the first week. It was all a bit surreal and after all that hard work it was time to take a relaxing holiday with my favourite peeps in beautiful Cyprus.
Coming back we brought Luca with us and we extended that wonderful holiday feeling with trips to the seaside (didn't we have a lovely Summer here in the UK this year?) and planned activities each day.
And then the packing and decluttering started, and the proposed move date came (last weekend) and went, yet nothing happened!!!
Inspite of a really simple chain, first time buyer buying ours and us buying an already vacant property we hit snags, and so we are still here waiting a bit longer and sporting a few more extra grey hairs. They say house moving is the second stressful thing after divorce and I think they might just have a point. It must be a bit like child birth (although sadly never experience it) people do say that you forget the pain and you go on and have another, so I must have forgotten the past house buying stress but boy oh boy it all came flooding back, and it felt worst than ever :). So there you have it....
 I made a hard decision to take this time off and focus on this move, let go of my business for a while, and that was the best thing because I wouldn't have coped with all the stress and all the work. 
I know it might sound pathetic and some might even laugh, plenty of people move home look after their families, still go to work etc. and they manage but I always said that one of the best thing of running this Stampin'Up! business is the flexibility to take time off when you want/need and I have taken full advantage of it. 
It did feel bitter sweet, I missed loads as I've missed chatting with you all, but I WILL BE BACK (read it with Arnold's accent it sounds better!!), from a new craft room and with a millions of fabulous projects bursting out of my tired head inspired by the BEST Winter Catalogue that just released yesterday.

And the Gift Box Punch Board has to be my favourite product as its the only one I have fully tested so far :), inspite of placing a hefty order for all the new pretties. 

I want to say THANK YOU for bearing with me and to thank my wonderful and loyal customers that have supported me over the Summer and placed their online orders with me, I am grateful truly :), and to those lovely friends that have checked on me and encouraged me and made me laugh with last resort camping stories, you are all to sweet and I am blessed and very lucky :)

Well I guess I will go back now and fill some holes in walls left after removing my pictures.
Speak soon, until next time BIG HUGS x

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  1. Welcome back! Enjoy your new home when you get there xx

  2. Nice to see you back blogging, good luck in your new home :)

  3. You're right Monica, moving house is very stressful! Even with such a chain. Good luck with your move - I can't wait to see your creativity let loose in your new abode!

  4. Monica, so with you on this moving, it took six months for our sale, again only a short chain, but we then went
    into temporary accommodation, miles away from where we wanted to be. Very stressful but we are finally where we want to. The whole process took from June last year until the end of May this year.

    Really hope it all goes smoothly for you and good luck in your new home xxxx

  5. Good luck with the move, like childbirth all will be forgotten once you move into your new home. Looking forward to have you back blogging again. I loved your 'Cards in a Box'
    Rene from OX xo

  6. So happy to see a post from you and know that you were ok. Stresses, but ok. Good luck with the move.

  7. Have missed you on here. Hope the move goes through very soon for you. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Sharon xx

  8. Glad that you are back. I hope everything for your new home gets sorted out quickly. We had a similar situation 11 months ago so I know what you are feeling. Our sale took 11 months to get finalized though so hope yours goes more smoothly. But we are actually just getting started because we are building a new home. Renting at present until new is completed.

  9. Hi Monica, good to see you back, hope all goes well with the move and you are soon back to normal. See you in October, looking forward to it.

    Ann xx

  10. Our son and d=i-l moved on July 4th (America's birthday) and are still living in only parts of the house with all floors being replaced and every wall stripped of wallpaper and painted. Even I am stressed with helping. I can't imagine their load. They have still to sell their place, so even more financial burden, but it is going to be their forever house, and they love it.

  11. Was on the verge of emailing you to see if you were still alive. Glad you're ok and good luck with the eventual house move!

  12. Don't feel badly Monica- life happens to everyone and your priority has to be your family and moving! That's an EXTREMELY stressful thing and a TON of work. I'm giving you kudos for even having time to let us know!! Hang in there; hopefully you'll be in your new craft room creating soon- as therapy!

  13. Oh! Monica so good to see you back blogging. We have just put our house up for sale and I am just trusting all will go well. I do hope you will be settled and crafting in your new home very, very soon. xxxxxxx

  14. We too have been buying - ours is a bungalow which we are going to extend . Completion date is in sight but it has taken 5 months of waiting - its a cash sale on an empty property and oh how frustrated we have been with this and that problem and delays from authorities and other solicitors. Stay calm Monica and remember everything comes to he who waits and its a waiting game. xx

  15. So happy to hear it was just a move and holiday that was the reason for your silence. Hopefully things have worked out and you'll be back to blogging real soon! Love your blog and your ideas - you are one creative lady!


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