Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Red and Green...

Hello there,
THANK YOU so much for your wonderful welcome back comments, so glad to hear you are still hanging around :)
My blog title is very fitting at this time of the year isn't it? nothing says Christmas more than red and green. And almost all of the cards I made this coming Christmas we using these traditional colours.. note I said almost :)
Here's a few of them
    I have made tons of these as they are so easy, these cards were part of a gift ensemble I designed for my PaperieTreat. Yummy kraft card bases with a combo of Always Artichoke, Cherry Cobbler and Gold. 
    Another version using the same set, Wondrous Wreath which I taught at one of my Card Clubs..
    And even the gorgeous White Christmas set was presented in the traditional colours.
    I am sad I didn't have the time to shoot a video tutorial of this easy peasy window I cooked up but it is my mission to make a spring version so I can still share the method with you... keep watching here :) it might happen before Christmas 2015 :)

    Even my gift service goodies were wrapped with red and green touches. This was the last set collected this morning, if you are still looking for a quick stocking filler for that crafty person I offer gift vouchers in £5 denominations and you still have a few days to order these from myself. 

    I love that little Santa gift holder made with the Gift bow die, so cute !!!  I need to mention that the original version was designed by one of my team members, a very talented and beautiful demonstrator called Claire Dean :), I get lots of comments on him whenever I display him at my events.
    And guess what? I even added touches or red and green to my Christmas decor this year :). Now I need to mention something I have lost count of the amount of people that asked me to post my holiday decor again this year, which is so funny to me but not surprising I LOVE looking at other peoples houses decorated. So if I get some time to drag my camera around the house these next few days I will post a mini tour but if not I will share it in between Christmas and New Year while we take a bit of time off :) 
    But here's a snippet for you, only iPhone pics I m afraid but I am sure you'll get an idea. We have a little porch in this new place we bought and a porch is something I never though I needed but it turns out I love it and I think every house should be built with one, keeps the dirt off from the hallway and keeps all the smelly shoes out of the house :)
    Come in .....

    I dislike our front door with a passion (we have a lot of work ahead of us) and I covered as much of it as I could with some greenery and a pair of vintage ice skates instead of a traditional wreath. I replaced the original white laces with some tartan ribbon and called it done ( two minutes job). Is one of our favourite things they year :)
    I stuffed half of a tree in there ( I will tell you the story of the half tree another day) and decked it in reds, greens, golds and browns. It makes me happy every time I open the door. 
    And then just because MORE IS definitely MORE at Christmas time I stuck a wreath on the inside of the porch door :)

    Yes the Many Merry Stars kit was turned into a majestic wreath (I saw it first on Erica Cerwin's blog, thanks for sharing Erica). It looks so beautiful IRL and I made it with lots of my customers this year. I loved this kit and it is still available if you would like to make one for yourself. It will last you years you can BUY IT HERE .
    Ok back to work I go still a few things to get sorted, I hope you enjoyed this bumper post :) Thank you for stopping, have fun preparing the last little details :)
    Till next time xoxoxoxoxo

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