Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Studio choices and the reasons behind choosing my furniture types and layouts

Hello there,
Its my blogging day today, yet I haven't managed to take any pictures of my project so I decided to make this post about the choices I made for my studio.

Last time we spoke we were looking forward to a weekend of making up units for the space. We started on Friday with what's going to be the HEART of it all. Literally everything I need every day will be on this wall, quite open and accessible. That's my lovely hubby who worked so, so hard  to make it all happen. I truly am a very lucky girl..

Then slowly but surely the room kept filling up with more and more units. I chose inexpensive 1m tall kitchen wall cabinets and used them as the base,  then stacked my bespoke units made by Rod then finished with 40 cm tall kitchen wall units. 

For my stamps I those tall Gnedby because that's all I have ever used and I love the system I currently have. I tried to change it to something different but I realised it wasn't better than what I had so I kept that the same. I have two of them and they should be more than enough to store all the current sets. For those retired sets I have a different solution.  Pete has a little bit of tidying left to do here, I want the stamp storage to be same height as the rest of the units and those gaps you see on the right side they will need to be trimmed to make it all look a bit more seamless. 

 I chose the Stenstorp Island as my workable surface in black as everything in there is going to be white so I wanted something to anchor the space a bit. I sort of regretted my choice on the first day and wished I went with white however now that I have other stuff going in I know I made the right decision, I am at peace with it once again :) 

Its a brilliant piece of furniture solid and well made, plus it has a huge amount of storage which will store a lot more of my supplies and keep them handy. I like accessible, I am the type of crafter than needs to see the stash if not I just won't use it. But I also do not like a place to look too cluttered, this way stuff will be accessible but quite hidden from the other side of the room.  And the really freaky thing is that for the first time ever this butcher block top is all the available surface that I will have... that's it!! In all my other craft rooms I always focused on having tons of working space.. all that ever did was allowing me to make a big huge mess everywhere. So I am trying something different, by only having a limited amount of work space it might make me tidy more often and avoid states of total chaos.... we will see how that goes ( I have plan B if things don't work out LOL) 

Oh and I will not have a chair for sitting on but I chose this mushroom as I call it LOL.  Its a standing support device that its meant to improve your posture and I really like it so far. Its called Nilserik and I wish I could have had the white base with the green seat. 

Here's a picture that shows some of the wall units. Because the width of the room is only 3 meters I really had to think hard about the layout and making it as flexible as I could. I chose to maximise storage on the walls while maximising on floor space for the classroom. 
When I won't be teaching any classes I can have some of our outdoor furniture in there.. mainly for Olly to use and for those times when I will stop for a cup of tea and quickly check  my emails, my Facebook  or my Pinterest (a few hours/day should do it LOL) . This sofa is modular and light enough so it can be quickly thrown out the door for when I need to set up the tables. 

And here's a view from the end of my stamp wall. You can see the tables I will use on the right there. I haven't yet got a layout with the tables to show you but I will make sure I do one soon.

I chose the foldable Norden Gateleg Tables  and these were the choice I agonised most about. I really didn't want to take up room with a permanent fixed table so I needed something that gave me that flexibility. I love these, they are a good solid surface for stamping on and have tons of storage so all the class essentials can be stored away at the end of one class ready for the next. I will have to see how they will withstand the test of time and excited stampers.

The tables will sit four comfortably and you can see the storage a bit better in this picture. The chair is Leifarne , a fantastic and very comfy choice for the price. They are moulded from one piece and  move gently with your body, they also stack so I won't have to keep a room full of chairs. They might be stored in the island not sure yet.

Right so what do you think? Have you got this table and can tell me its wearing like a dream? Its getting closer and closer and I honestly cannot wait to start working from in there.
Thank you for visiting. See you again soon


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  1. Your new craft space looks amazing Moni. If I lived closer I would def be signing up for a class or two xxxx

    AuroraDawn xxxx

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos and details of your lovely studio, Monica; you and your students are going to spend many happy crafty hours there!!

  3. Just a teeny bit jealous. It is looking fabulous. I hope you have endless happy hours in there.

  4. WOW...What a difference a weekend has made. I remember a tour of this place when you guys first moved in and it is a complete transformation. Can't wait to visit again and maybe test out your tables lol


  5. Looking fabulous darling.!!!!
    Are you having cupboard doors on or just shelving on wall units?

  6. wow, it looks beautiful, I can't wait to see you in there creating surrounded by all our lovely stuff, haha. So nice that you have such a handy hubby.

  7. It all looks wonderful Monica. Now I just wish I lived nearby. X

  8. It looks amazing, thanks for sharing

  9. WOW! Love what you've done with the space & thanks for sharing the thinking behind your choices. It's looking absolutely fabulous!xx

  10. it's looking fantastic Monica. The idea of the folding tables with integral storage is a really clever idea! Nx


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