Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hellooo There Lovely New Catalogue

Finally I can tell you all about the wonderful NEW GOODIES which are being released today in our 2017-2018 New Catalogue.

It is packed with so many wonderful products that I wont do any more waffle and let you enjoy browsing its lush pages.

There are so many favourites and unusually my top favourite its not a stamp, some lush ribbon or new ink. Its a totally new range of product for Stampin Up a wonderful planner for the love of stationery. Its called  LOVE TODAY Planner Kit by Stampin'Up! and you can order yours TODAY by clicking HERE

There's oodles of yummy stamps, and some of then perform cool tricks like the *I have never seen anything like this* YOU MOVE ME bundle . You can also order yours today HERE.

Watch this cool video below for a bit of magic right before your eyes <3 p="">

More delicious bundles like this jaw droppingly gorgeous Daisy Delight bundle *LOVE love, love... LOTS*

Keep your eyes on this blog as I will have an exciting post tomorrow with a fabulous class on this exciting bundle. 

Are you a coffee lover???? Well have a look at this yummy bundle. You can get as many CAFFEINE FREE Lattes, Chocca Moccas, Frappacinos, Machiachinos  HERE  how blooming fabulous!!!!

Another exciting NEW range is our very own MEMORIES AND MORE range. It boasts the very familiar pocket memory keeping with even more versatility and possibilities. I am quite taken with this range, as my memory keeping has been taking a little of a backseat lately, so I cannot wait to  start and get those photos OFF my devices and into some albums. Life flashes before our eyes and the longer we leave it the more faded our memories in our head become. I plan on changing that 

Right I will let you explore in your own time, then all you have to do is GO HERE and start shopping 

HAPPY SHOPPING the New Catalogue 
Hugs Monica xoxo

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  1. Very cute everything, I like the scrap, although I have a little abandoned. Hard to find nice materials here, and shipping is very expensive online.


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