Friday, 9 March 2018

Doggy Birthday Treat Bags

Watcha everyone...

Olly here :) taking over my mummy's blog today. For those of you that do not know me I am my mummy's treasure... or a 3 year old cockapoo. And if you are still not sure, well here's me, a spoilt and very much loved dog. This is me playing in the first snow I have ever seen since I was born.

Now I have lots and lots of human friends and doggy friends and sometime my social life is better than the lives of my hoomans. I get invited to all sorts of pawtys and get togethers and I just love life.

My hooman mum is a bit of a foodie and loves to make all of my treats, she never buys them from the shops because she says they are filled with nasties. I'm not sure about all that but I sure do love the treats she makes me.

And then of course, my doggy friends get to sample them, and then they ask their hoomans to talk to my hooman and before you know it mummy has another job.

She also loves to throw me a doggy party on my birthday which for some is way over the top and even ridiculous but she says that I am her special treasure and I deserve all the fuss on my special day in return for all I give to her. Which is not much to be honest, its mainly cuddles ( but I love those cuddles myself) and licks but she absolutely loves them.
Here's a picture of my 3rd birthday last November

Man I loved my Beef Birthday Cake sandwiched with white potato and cream cheese frosting, and decorated with sweet potato and peanut butter swirls and by the meter sausage. mmm still dreaming about it now...

Miss Darcy is a famous London Cockapoo and one my doggy friends. She recently celebrated her 7th birthday party, and my mummy made some party bags for her poochie guests, enjoying a posh Afternoon Tea in Knightsbridge.  I was so sad not to have been able to make it,  but I got to see all of the pictures and videos and they all had a fabulous time.

The bags were filled with mum's special homemade treats of beef sticks, turkey shards and dehydrated sweet potato slices. They were decorated with punches and had pink bows for the girls and blue ones for the boys. Aren't they just the cutest ?? 

And of course the birthday girl needed a special hat, it was made from these papers in mummy's online shop and used the Ready Shreddies, the number *7* cam from the large Letter dies and the circles were made with this punch and these framelits

Right I've got to go now, its time for my walk with my dad. He walks me at the weekend in the winter as its too dark by the time he gets home, but today he is home early. 

Have a good weekend, and don't forget if you want to stamp live with my mum tonight at 8.30pm head to her Facebook Page and Follow it 
Ciao Olly 

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